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Hey, there 👋,

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you spend a couple of minutes learning about me. 😃

✋ Who am I and What do I do?

I am Arnab, a SaaS content marketeer from India. As I collaborated with developers to resolve tech SEO issues, It got me interested in coding.

I figured, I already write for our business, on top of that, If I learn web development, it will be amazing.

With that thought, I started. And by no time, It got me hooked. Getting frustrated, reading through documentation-solving problems......I love it. More than that, I probably live in the Flow State I get into when I'm stuck in a problem.

Anyway, Currently, I'm learning React, Node.js, and MongoDB,

And I'm here to document my projects/ journey to code. ✍️

🤝 Why do I need your Support? First of all, Thank You very much 🙏 for reading my articles.

As you know, writing takes time and effort. But, I want to keep consistent to document my journey, and to make sure nobody else has to go through a problem I had to go through.

If you found my articles useful, please show your support by sponsoring me. It will motivate me to write more blogs in the future. 😊.

You Can click on the Sponsor Author button at the top of the page.

You can connect with me on Twitter(@arnabghosh_co), LinkedIn(arnabghoshwriter), and GitHub(ghosharnab00).

🙏 Thank You Thanks for sponsoring & supporting!

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